Prenatal Yoga

Prenatal yoga is offered as private lessons. Please contact Centered Within Yoga at 

The prenatal months are a sacred time in a mother and baby's lives, full of changes, questions, new experiences and heightened awareness.  Prenatal yoga is a wonderful opportunity to deepen your connection with your unborn baby, as well as create new friendships with other mothers.  Pregnant mothers experience many normal, healthy changes within their bodies in a relatively short period of time, which can sometimes create discomfort.  The shift in centre of gravity, increased breast weight, additional pressure on the pelvic floor, increased fluid volume, hormonal shifts, and loosening of joints can result in postural imbalance, muscle tightness and trigger points, tingling or numbness from neurological compression, restless legs, sleep issues and mood changes.  All of these symptoms can be improved with yoga.
Preparation for your upcoming birth is a primary goal of prenatal yoga.  A focus on breath, visualization, and inner awareness will provide you with skills to draw upon for coping with labour and having a positive, empowering birth experience.  Poses for developing strength and endurance will help you prepare for the physical challenge of birth and postpartum recovery, as well as familiarize you with birthing positions that are comfortable and utilize the assistance of gravity.  Education is woven throughout the classes, focusing on anatomy, maximizing space in the pelvis for delivery, and optimal foetal positioning.

The prevailing message of prenatal yoga is that pregnancy is a normal, healthy state, and that your body is perfectly designed for labour and delivery.  This class honours the everyday miracle that is the childbearing year and the connection this experience creates between women across time and throughout the world.